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DeLi Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, is a Professional in Integrated Circuit、Module、Diode and Audion Area.Its products are widely used in aerospace, communications, computers, home appliances, electronic equipment etc.

    After fighting efforts, we already have a solid operating base and a large number of customer groups.

    All along, the DeLi Electronics wins praise and trust from his new and old customers because of his perfect quality, thoughtful service, reasonable prices and timely delivery. We firmly believe that the superior quality and efficient service is your most intimate partners.

    In addition, we oriented industry partners, accumulate more capacity, optimize the industrial supply chain, reduce costs and provide the most cost-effective professional services. That is our goal which we pursue all the time. As a professional supplier of electronic components, our product distribution throughout the United States, Europe, Asia. Example MAXIM, AD, INTEL, TI, ST, DALLAS, etc. Using the cash sales model, we can always keep 90% inventory volume of the product line. Therefore, our saleroom keeps growth year-on-year and customer constantly grow too. Low cost, efficient action and good reputation of the industry lead us access to the vast number of customers, especially the electronics industry's favor. All these make us won the leading position in the domestic electronic industry.

    Under the joint efforts of all staff, the company will continue to carry forward the "integrity, unity, truth-seeking, innovative" spirit of enterprise, adhering to the "professional, enthusiastic and efficient" customer service philosophy, and continuously strengthen cooperation with domestic and international industry partners. As always, we provide more advanced product technology, more optimal solution, more flexible logistics services and more competitive product prices to our customers. We use the most advanced global communications data management software to conduct real-time inventory statistics. The inventory information we upload on various websites are up-to-date and real ones.

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